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fun run theme for 2023:



The Krusin’ Klassics Car Club, Fun Run Car Show and Swap Meet of 2023 is June 2nd, 2023, and June 3rd, 2023, for Fun Run Car Show and Swap Meet.  The admission is only $5/person for the whole weekend, Friday night and Saturday.  We have contracted with Rhino Dyno again this year to test your gasoline powered vehicle's horsepower for only $60 for two pulls (sorry no diesels or lifted vehices). There will be a large raffle and small raffles.  There will be food vendors that night and all-day Saturday. Saturday will be plenty of vehicles on display.  This year  the big raffle drawing is not in the grandstand.  This should be after 4:00 p.m.

Krusin Klassics meetings are held at the Elks Lodge in Escanaba on the second Thursday of every month. There are no meetings for July, August as we opt to have a few summer cruises instead.

This beauty is the participant prize that will
be awarded to the owner of a vehicle registered in the Fun Run Car Show.
Ford Mustang participant 23.jpg

This is the participant prize.  A 1996 Ford Mustang GT convertible with a 4.6 L V8.  It will be awarded to a participant at the end of the Fun Run Car Show and Swap Meet.

To take home this beauty you must register your qualifying classic vehicle in Fun Run Car Show, you must be there at the time of the drawing and the vehicle must also be there at the time of the drawing.  The registrant must also be the titled owner of the vehicle. That means you cannot be there with a relative's car, or your neighbor's vehicle, etc.

The '50 Tudor is the grand prize in our giant raffle. There are over twenty prizes on that raffle and the first ticket drawn, so that every ticket has a chance to win the car, is for the car.  However, we hold that ticket in an envelope and announce the winner of the car after all other prizes have been drawn for.  All winners are responsible for all applicable taxes and transportation costs for their prize to their home or other destination.  Winner need not be present to win.  Winner will need to complete documentation for end of tax year forms to be issued to the winners.  The grand prize is valued at $13500.  All other prizes will have their value listed on the raffle ticket.  Prizes are valued from $500 to a minimum of $100 each and consist of cash, gift certificates, or physical items.  If any winner would choose to refuse or claim their prize another winning ticket will be drawn from the other entries for the raffle.

Ford Tudor front grill.jpg


This beautiful car is a 1950 FORD TUDOR.  It is a metalic-green color, four door hardtop.  This is a great car, and a great driver.  It is not in orginal condition and has it been changed extensively with many modern improvements.

The engine is a 350 V8, 4BBL carb, Frenched front end, hidden door handles, dual exhaust with flames. 

Beautiful upholstered interior color. This is a very fun and beautiful vehicle.  You're going to want it in your collection.

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