The Krusin’ Klassics Car Club, in the best interest of public health, has postponed Fun Run Car Show and Swap Meet of 2020 until June 4th, 2021 and June 5th, 2021 for Fun Run Car Show and Swap Meet.  Many of Fun Run 35 features and events have been held over until 2021 and the schedule will be the same as was planned for 2020 Fun Run.

THERE IS ONE EVENT THAT WILL TAKE PLACE ON SCHEDULE ON MAY30, 2020.  The Large Raffle, with a big change.  The Charitable Gaming Division of the State of Michigan Treasury allows a clause in large raffles to switch a prize raffle to a 50/50 raffle if a certain number of tickets are not sold ahead of the drawing time.   Krusin’ Klassics has been granted permission to make that switch if 7500 tickets are not sold by the drawing time.  That is 99% a certainty without being able to use our regular ticket sales outlets.

Those who have already purchased tickets will be contacted and given two options.  They may have a full refund of what they paid for tickets or they may stay in the drawing for the 50/50 prize.  As with any 50/50 we will not know the size of prize until the drawing.  As of the end of March the prize would have been approximately $500.  That will change as refunds are made and more tickets are sold.  We are allowed a true 50/50.  There will be one winner of cash.  No other prizes will be awarded per rules.

Questions can be directed to Krusin’ Klassics at so that you may leave your telephone number if you would like a call to you with answers or if you have several questions.

Krusin Klassics meetings are held at the Elks Lodge in Escanaba on the second Thursday of every month. There are no meetings for July, August as we opt to have a few summer cruises instead.

fun run theme for 2020:

Rally Through the '70's

Vehicle Registration Form; Download and complete and send to us by mail, email, or bring to Fun run:

Thank you so much again for the huge support from throughout the Upper Peninsula and the attendees and sponsors around the Midwest.

Please leave your feedback of the new show format with a club member. We're interested in knowing your thoughts and ideas about Fun Run. Thank you!

Our goal at Krusin Klassics is to provide the most organized and interesting event possible. 



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