Fun Run


                              KRUSIN' KLASSICS FUN RUN - June 2nd and 3rd, 2017

 Some major changes will come to Fun Run beginning with our 2017 event. First, there will be no cruise through Gladstone and Kipling this year  because of major road construction on the Escanaba River bridge. There WILL be a Friday night parade but the route has not yet been established. Check back for further updates.

  There will be NO DANCE on Saturday night!! Friday night, which has been a tailgate party for the participants in the past, will now be open to the public and the dance will be held from 8pm til 12pm. FRIDAY NIGHT.

  Saturday will feature the car show until 4pm when the awards will be given out. The raffle will be held at 6PM on Saturday night and the announcement of the grand prize winner will conclude the activities.

  The DYNO operation will experience some changes in the name of safety and economics. Gas powered vehicles will now cost $60.00 for TWO pulls, and diesels will be charged $75.00. This is due to the amount of set up time it takes to get the tach to read a diesel. ALSO!!!! ANY LIFTED vehicle with extreme drive shaft angles will be REQUIRED to run drive shaft safety loops. The term "EXTREME DRIVE SHAFT ANGLE" will be interpreted by the staff and there will be NO exceptions. Those of you running lifted trucks with high shaft angles know exactly what we mean and no other explanation should be necessary. We urge anyone utilizing power adders to upgrade your drive shafts in the name of safety. OEM shafts are built to withstand the power of the production engine and not much else. Please play safe and have fun!

  Please leave your feedback of the new show format  with a club member. We're interested in knowing your thoughts and ideas about Fun Run. Thank you!

Our goal at Krusin Klassics is to provide the most organized and interesting event possible. 


                                       See some parade, car show and dance photos below.

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