Welcome to the Krusin' Klassics Car Club!

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                           Welcome to Krusin Klassics car club from Escanaba, Michigan!
      FUN RUN 2017 is coming June 2nd and 3rd! Mark your calendars and prepare.

Fun Run 2017 Raffle car: 1974 Pontiac Formula 400 Firebird. Rebuilt Pontiac 400 CI engine, Rebuilt TH400 trans with shift improver kit.Optional Ram Air free flow exhaust. Functional GLASS Ram Air hood. New interior, new paint, Pontiac Rallye II wheels. More images  in the strip at the bottom of the page. Please pick an image and click it to enlarge.

Online ticket sales have closed in order to allow all outstanding tickets to be returned. Raffle tickets may still be purchased wherever the raffle car is being displayed, and at Jim's Dairy on 12th Ave north in Escanaba. Thank you!!

I want to remind everyone of the changes in DYNO rules this year. We have been forced to upgrade a few safety regulations in order to keep our participants AND spectators safe and secure.
TRUCKS, GAS and DIESEL: If you have your vehicle lifted, we will check your drive shaft angle. If you are running a drive shaft at an extreme angle you will not be able to participate. PERIOD. ALL lifted trucks will require the use of drive shaft safety loops. NO EXCEPTIONS, and no amount ...of arguing will change our minds. Diesels will be charged $75.00 for two pulls. GAS will be charged $60.00 for two pulls. Vehicles running power adders are URGED to upgrade to the proper drive shaft as the OEM shafts are NOT designed to withstand high RPM and/or high torque.
CARS: Vehicled with power adders or N/A motors expected to put out over 600 HP are URGED to run two drive shaft loops or upgraded shafts. Again, OEM drive shafts are not designed to withstand high HP, TQ or RPM. GAS will be charged $60.00 for two pulls and DIESELS will be charged $75.00 for two pulls. 
Please understand that these rules are for YOUR safety as well as the dyno operator's AND spectator's. There will be no tuning between pulls. 


Fun Run 2017 details can be found on our Fun Run page or by clicking the Fun Run button at the top of this page.

A hearty "thank you" goes out to all of our sponsors. Please help us show our gratitude by supporting them.





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